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China Taiwan Prona Industries Co. Ltd. was established in 1985, specialized in manufacturing pneumatic tools, and famous for its sophisticated R & D team, advanced machinery and equipments, precise processing technique as well as rigorous quality management. It passed ISO-9002 in 1995, and set up Ningbo Baoli Pneumatic Tools Co. Ltd. as a branch company in 1997, this company also have passed ISO-9001. In order to satisfy the increasing demand of our clients, we established another company Prona (Nanhai) Pneumatic Tools Co. Ltd. in Nanhai, China in 2005, with the factory occupation 67980M2.

Prona products, provided with quality-assurance are enjoying fast sales world-widely and praised highly by numerous clients. By introducing the most advanced machinery equipments and measurement apparatus, coupled with senior engineer and professional engineers experienced in this field over 15 years, our Research and Development Team are very powerful.

Prona Company never prides itself on present achievement, but always keep improving on the current products and technique and continue to develop new products.

Our policy is keeping improvement, satisfying customer’s demand, entering in the line of
International brand, and operating permanently.


Low volume medium pressure LVMP R-300
Function or Characteristic

HVLP characterizes Environment-Protection and coating saving, but the disadvantage is not good atomization effect, large-amount consumption and low efficiency of spray.
Aimed at the deficiency of HVLP, our R & D dept. took measures to research and ameliorate it and then develop out LVMP Spray Gun series. To obtain a ideal atomized effect, use Low Inlet Pressure 1.4bar~2bar (adjust depending on your demands) to reduce coating rebound and improve the coating adherence so as to obtain high coating efficiency, rapid velocity, 20~30% coating consumption economized, small amount consumption and lower spray cost.
Flexible operation, light spray gun protable, gentle pull force of trigger, which all the characteristics above-mentioned make operator untired as high-pressure spray gun while operation. It is the best tool for spray operator.
Nozzle and needle are made of stainless steel material S1, which suits to water based paints. (S)

Spray distance:150~200mm. Paint viscosity: 20sec./RV-2. Fluid intake: 3/8PF. Air intake: 1/4PF.

Low pressure RAL-200
Function or Characteristic

Light gun portable, the pressure in the air cap below 0.7bar, perfect adhesive for coating material, large pattern width, 20~30% coating saving. It is suitable for metal powder coating and capable of appearing the metal powder uniformly avoiding deposition.
The spray pathway is made of stainless steel, nozzle and needle are made of S1 stainless steel, which suit to spray water based paints. (S)

Spray distance:200mm. Paint viscosity: 20sec./RV-2. Fluid intake:3/8PF. Air intake and CYL intake: 1/4PF.

Function or Characteristic

Gentle pull force of trigger, stable air out, furthermore, air supply could be done upstream or downstream up to your demand by a free switch way.
Regulable nozzle.
Air Joint: RG-7-4 1/4PF
Speedy Joint: RG-7-4-Q

Function or Characteristic

It can be used on appearance decoration and spray out various patterns such as floss, coarse dot, fine dot, etc.
Coating viscosity below 25 seconds, air pressure not less than 0.15 (1.5) MPa(bar).
Coating viscosity above 25 seconds, air pressure less than 0.15 (1.5) MPa(bar).
The data above-mentioned are only for reference, and adjust should be done based on coating performance.

Function or Characteristic

Made by aluminum alloy sheet and integrated form, good safety performance, and surface is disposed by cathode pole way.
In light weight and portable.
Warning: maximum pressure not excess 90PSI ; our company will not bear the responsibility if accidents occur as a result of over pressure operation.

Function or Characteristic

This design of this product is different from market-sale products because during structure renovation, generally, need to replace parts, i.e. disassembly 20 pieces of screws; but for this product, replacing of one side diaphragm can be achieved by only replacing 7 pieces of screws, easy to be repaired and maintained. Double-layer diaphragm, outer layer is made of special Teflon material that is characterized with solution-resistant, more durable than common Teflon, low initiation pressure (about 1.5kgf/cm2); RDP-12-R available (coating-depressurized valve attached), stable coating output, accompanying slight pulse. It could operate below 6bar (not idle operation), alligatoring-hide crack or break resistant, longer use period than other relative products of normal operation.
RDP12-R: coating-depressurized valve attached; slight pulse, suitable to coating conveyance and not influence to spraying.
Warning: maximum pressure not excess 90PSI; our company will not bear the responsibility if accidents occur as a result of over pressure operation.

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